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Why BellTower Technologies?

At BellTower Technologies, we understand the importance of communicating
mission-critical information instantly to your customers, employees and
locations — anytime, anywhere. We also understand that simply sending a
message is only the beginning of the complex solution to solve your product
recall and business continuity concerns.

Our solutions are designed to:

  • Communicate your message to the right people at the right time
  • Engage each contact interactively to verify they have received the
    message and will respond
  • Move targets to act on instructions within the given amount of time,
    and measure compliance
  • Report results in real-time, including our ironclad audit trail, with
    full audio recording of calls

Our solutions are:

  • Global, with service in almost any country
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-modal (phone, text messaging, email and fax)
  • Full Service, with BellTower as your single point of contact to
    launch, monitor and manage communication campaigns in real time, OR
  • Self Service, with you launching communication campaigns from
    anywhere in the world

Our customers choose us because we produce the business result they are
seeking quickly. You will receive the best rates of compliance, the best
real-time reporting, and save your company an immense amount of time and

Experts in Recall/Withdrawal Communications
BellTower is much more than just a communication solutions company. We
understand the complex operational issues involved in product recalls and
withdrawals. Our mission is not merely to attempt to contact everyone on
the list, but to engage them to act. Our results are the best in the
industry for reaching the right people at the right time, moving them to
act on instructions, and providing verifiable real-time reports and audit

Our best practices derive from real world experience in helping our valued
customers, who include some of the largest food companies in the world.

Partners in Your Success
We are active partners with our customers and continue to learn and improve
our solutions to fit their specific needs. We strive to constantly improve
the performance of each communication campaign and deliver the best results
achievable. The better we understand your business and the goals you are
trying to meet, the better the solutions we can deliver.

Responsive and Flexible
Current customers can implement a new campaign in just minutes — reducing
time to completion from weeks to hours. We can have a new client up and
running a recall campaign instantly with our seasoned implementation team.
Our 24/7 team of experts and our best practices give us a competitive edge
to instantly respond to your mission-critical situation. And our flexible
approach ensures that you receive the desired results.

Customized Solutions
Our solutions are customized to meet the needs of your organization — one
campaign at a time. Developed over a five-year period, BellTower’s
breakthrough technology and team provide a centralized Command-and-Control
communication platform that enables, standardizes and simplifies
best-of-breed communications for food withdrawals and recalls.

Innovative Real-Time Reporting
Through BellTower’s real-time dashboard, management can analyze and
improve the results of a communication campaign as it unfolds, and make
adjustments in real-time to improve results. This proactive approach
ensures the highest level of response and compliance with directives. In
addition, the robust reporting provides superior audit trail details,
showing exactly when calls are received and responses to all questions.

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Alert contacts and locations of a product recall and collect product disposition information.


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