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Case Study: Golden State Foods

Golden State Food Protects Customers, Save Time and Money With Automated Recall Notification System

Golden State Foods is a leader in food processing and distribution, servicing more than 20,000 restaurants on three continents. Founded in 1947, Golden State Foods began as a small meat company providing products to local restaurants and hotels, and has grown into a diversified, global $3.5 billion corporation.

Its core values are exceptional quality, high standards, and superior customer service. It has set standards of excellence in food safety through its hazard analysis and critical control points program, and is continually recognized for its exceptional quality, service, and food safety standards.

The Challenge

With multiple distribution centers in every U.S. time zone, verifiable and fast notification is a high priority for Golden State Foods. Additionally, in food safety advisory or recall situations, communicating with end customers can be a highly complex and large volume process.

“Our goal is to get to our customers fast, and Instant Recall allows us to do that,” said Cindy Wilson of Golden State Foods, Inc. She added, “Instant Recall was consistent with everything in our company’s mission statement and could reinforce our reputation for excellence with our customers. It has also allowed us to save both time and money.”

Additional challenges included the need for efficient, high-speed communication in its transportation operations in the event of road closings, natural disasters, and other issues affecting schedules and road safety.

Our Solution

Instant Recall’s technology platform, intuitive interface, and web-based command and control capabilities met the many challenges faced by Golden State Foods’ mix of operational requirements.

“For managing critical communication needs and business continuity, Instant Recall has been key,” Wilson said. “There are a lot of things that Instant Recall allows us to do better, and its extensive capabilities and flexibility allow us to communicate more quickly and effectively, which is important to operations.”

The Results

Shortly before their call scripts and contact lists were configured, Golden State Foods had an actual recall event arise, and decided to use Instant Recall for the event. BellTower Technologies received the request at 5:00 pm, and went into action. Within two hours, a contact database had been downloaded, calling scripts were created, and the recall campaign was launched.

Wilson was able to watch real-time from Instant Recall’s web interface as individuals acknowledged receipt of the notification. “After using Instant Recall once, I never want to go back to our old recall process,” she said.

“It is really wonderful – when I need help, they are there.” She said, “We don’t have that level of service in any of our other relationships.”

About BellTower Technologies

BellTower Technologies LLC provides emergency notification services under the Instant Recall brand (for food and product recalls) and the RedPhone brand (for government and university crisis management and business continuity and disaster recovery). Developed over a five-year period, the company’s breakthrough technology gives client organizations a centralized command-and-control communications platform that enables, standardizes and simplifies best of breed emergency communications across applications and organizational boundaries. BellTower Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and can be reached at 888-400-4786 or online at www.instantrecall.com or www.belltowertech.com.

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