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Product Recalls

BellTower Technologies is the leader in product recall/withdrawal communications.
We work with many of the world’s largest food service operators, retail grocers, manufacturers and distributors to streamline their product recall and withdrawal communications. Our Instant Recall solutions save time and money, minimize business disruption, and protect our clients’ customers and brand value.

We give clients global reach and multilingual capability. Our solutions solve communication problems for everyday withdrawals and Class 1 recalls alike — quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


A leading food service operator, late on a Friday evening, issues a press release recalling certain food items suspected of salmonella contamination. The products are widely distributed and actively being served to customers in over 5,000 locations in the U.S. It is crucial that the food service operator communicate immediately with all locations to ensure that tainted product is quarantined and not served to customers.


The food service operator calls BellTower’s 24/7 customer hotline.

Step 1: Within minutes, an Instant Recall campaign is launched, and stores are contacted by phone, text messaging and email, instructing store employees to remove tainted product, along with other critical information, instructions and questions.

Email messages include an attached document to print and post on the loading dock door to alert employees not to accept new shipments of the affected product.

Step 2: The customer can watch the recall unfold by logging into Instant Recall’s live dashboard. He/they can see:

  • Who has been reached
  • Who has committed to completing removal instructions within the hour
  • Any stores reporting adverse consumer reaction, which may merit immediate medical, PR, or legal attention
  • Any stores that were ultimately unreachable or otherwise require special attention or follow-up

Step 3: A second wave of calls is launched to contact stores to:

  • Confirm successful removal of all affected product
  • Determine how much product was removed, destroyed, or waiting for pick-up
  • Determine the quantity of replacement product required

Step 4: Results for each region and each store are exported from the Instant Recall dashboard and distributed to the operator’s regional managers for analysis and follow-up.

Optionally, regional managers can login to the Instant Recall dashboard and watch the recall communications campaign unfold, filtering and exporting data at any point for analysis or immediate follow-up.

Upon campaign completion, the food service operator uses data from the recall communication campaign to:

  • Automatically credit stores for returned or destroyed product
  • Generate a single invoice to receive credit from the supplier of the recalled product
  • Bill back the supplier for direct costs incurred to conduct the recall campaign

For internal and FDA audits, our client has an iron-clad audit trail, showing all communications to each store, with timestamps and optional audio recordings of call. The audit trail shows all attempted and successful calls, emails, text messages and fax messages to each store.

Alternative with Inbound Hotline

Instead of a second call wave to verify compliance and product counts, a toll-free hotline is activated to enable store employees to call in and report immediately when product has been removed and counted. This option provides management with store-by-store information even faster, and is often preferred by store employees for speed and convenience. Hotline data may be exported by the client at any time for additional analysis and follow-up.


Streamlining communications for routine withdrawals and Class 1 Recalls with BellTower’s Instant Recall solution:

  • Saves time and money, while protecting consumers and brand value
  • Minimizes business disruption, freeing employees to focus on operations and revenue
  • Reduces risk and liability by removing product quickly and providing an iron-clad, world-leading audit trail

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