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Retailers face an ongoing challenge of ensuring store compliance in properly receiving and displaying promotional campaign materials on time. Millions of dollars are spent creating and advertising new campaigns, but when promotional materials or products are not displayed or available for sale on time, the brand and campaign ROI suffer.

With a customized RedPhone solution, merchandising managers can save time and money launching promotions, and rest assured that promotional materials have been received and implemented by each store, on time.


A leading national food service operator brand found widespread problems when it conducted drive by audits of restaurant locations to ensure that promotional materials for new products were being displayed on time, and products made available for consumers to order. They asked us for a solution.


With BellTower’s RedPhone solution, the brand’s merchandising manager can simply:

  • One week prior to promotional launch: Distribute promotional materials to all stores as usual
  • Thursday morning prior to Monday launch: Initiate an automated RedPhone communication campaign of email, text messages and phone calls to store managers to verify receipt of promotional materials and products. In the RedPhone dashboard, the merchandising manager can see:
    – Who reports having received all promotional materials
    – Who is short some items and needs them resent
    – Who was unreachable or otherwise needs manual follow-up
  • : Initiate an automated communications campaign to all stores, asking each location manager to verify that promotional materials are displayed and product is available for sale at their store location. Non-conforming store/manger contacts, if any, are exported from the real-time dashboard for manual follow-up.

RedPhone’s multilingual capability helps ensure that all contacts are given the best opportunity to understand and support current promotions.


Automating promotional campaign communication and compliance verification reduces cost, while freeing merchandising managers to focus on message, strategy, and handling exceptions. It also leads to:

  • Increased campaign ROI
  • Superior brand protection
  • Campaign audit time and effort reduced
  • Campaign audit coverage and management reporting improved
  • Permanently increased campaign compliance

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Our Solutions Architects have an average of 20 years industry and consulting experience and can help you quickly assess the likeliness of a fit between our capabilities and your operational goals.

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