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Community Support - 888-FOODALERT FAQ

Is the 888-FOODALERT notification service really free?

Yes. It is absolutely free for American consumers and their families. You will never be charged or asked to pay for notification services from our site.

How does 888-FOODALERT benefit me and help protect my family?

Typically, most consumers hear about major food safety alerts through the news media, while some subscribe to e-mail-based food alert programs sponsored by industry groups or various governmental regulatory agencies. Consequently, many consumers do not become aware of major food recalls or safety issues for days, sometimes weeks, after they occur. This time lag increases the likelihood of your family’s exposure to potentially dangerous food product.

888-FOODALERT, and the Instant Recall technology that powers the notification system, is about SPEED. In the event of select food recalls and safety alerts, our system will call you within HOURS of their communication, enabling you to become informed and, most importantly, take action to remove any affected food items from your family’s food supply. The immediacy of 888-FOODALERT reduces the time lag, and in effect, your family’s potential exposure.

Are my e-mail and telephone data secure and are they shared with anyone else?

The information you provide in registering for our site’s free notification service is secure and will never be shared or sold to third parties. 888-FOODALERT will only use this data for the express purpose of select food safety notification alerts.

Will I receive a call for EVERY food recall issued each year?

No. Hundreds of food safety notifications are issued each year by individual food industry companies and communicated through various governmental regulatory agencies. Many of these are minor issues, restricted to a small geographic area, or a specific product with limited distribution.

888-FOODALERT will initiate a notification telephone call to its registrants only in the event of select food safety notifications with large regional or national exposures. For example, the recall of tomatoes due to possible Salmonella contamination would have triggered a notification telephone call to our registrants.

How does the system work and what should I expect once I register?

Once you register, you will receive an e-mail message asking you to confirm your registration. Once confirmed, your telephone number will be automatically added to our notification database. Thereafter, anytime a selected food safety communication occurs, you would receive a telephone notification call within hours, not days or weeks, of its occurrence.

What would an actual Food Recall Alert telephone call be like?

888-FOODALERT will initiate a safety notification call to your registered telephone number. When you answer, you will receive a recorded message from 888-FOODALERT notifying you of the product involved and any preventive or remedial actions recommended by the entity that communicated the recall.

What if I change my mind later and want to cancel my registration?

Simply call 1-888-FOODALERT from your registered phone number and follow the prompts to unsubscribe. It will automatically remove you from our database. If you, at a later date, want to sign up again, just visit our website to re-register.

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