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Emergency Management

Seasoned emergency management planners know that the weakest link in almost every emergency response plan is communication — communication to activate response teams, communication to alert or evacuate citizens, and communication between response teams as the situation progresses.

BellTower’s RedPhone high-speed emergency notification and response solutions provide fast, proactive, and multilingual communications to citizens, nearly instant communications to and among response teams, and a Command and Control interface and dashboard that enables decision makers to see who has been contacted, who is responding, and who needs help.


A world-famous resort community has dramatic seasonal influx of residents and visitors. People densely clustered in this mountainous recreation environment must be quickly and safely evacuated in the event of forest fire or other emergency. The task is a greater challenge because many property owners’ primary residences are out of state, and most of the population at any given moment is visitors. A leading emergency management planning consultant created a custom solution using BellTower’s RedPhone service.


The consultant analyzed the population, and segmented it into groups. Boundaries were drawn based upon the order in which the population should be evacuated to minimize congestion, confusion, evacuation time and other risks. Unique evacuation instructions were created and pre-recorded for each group.

In the event of a crisis, emergency managers:

  • Decide which grids/groups to evacuate and in what order
  • Simply “click to launch” the predetermined evacuation communication campaign for each group, and in seconds RedPhone begins contacting everyone in the specified groups via phone, text messaging, email and fax
  • Continue to launch unique communication messages for each group until all groups are notified. On the RedPhone dashboard, they watch the evacuation communications campaign unfold from anywhere and see in real-time:
    -Who has been reached
    -Who says they will quickly comply
    -Who needs help evacuating
    -Who was ultimately unreachable
  • Export lists of those people needing help evacuating and dispatch for orderly and efficient use of evacuation personnel and equipment

Emergency managers are freed from the task of conducting mass communications, so they can focus on decisions and execution. Their phone lines are freed for other outbound and inbound calls because all calls go over BellTower’s purpose-built systems and Tier 1 networks. Additionally, timely outbound communication cuts down dramatically on inbound phone traffic from the population.

RedPhone’s multilingual capability and global reach assure that property owners can be contacted wherever they are.

Alternative 1: “Phone-To-Join” for Visitors

To address temporary residents and visitors, RedPhone includes a feature named “Phone-To-Join”™. “Phone-To-Join” enables the community to publish a toll-free telephone number, posting it on placards at hotel front desks and kiosks, that visitors can call to automatically be registered as a temporary member of the local population. Their calling line ID is noted, and the phone number they are calling from is temporarily added to the local population list for emergency alerts for the duration of their visit.

Because these visitors are in a distinctly addressable group configured in RedPhone for this application, the predetermined evacuation instructions can be customized for people who may not be as familiar with the area as locals are.

Alternative 2: Community Emergency Update Hotline

To further reduce inbound calling congestion and demands on personnel, and to better serve their population with on-demand “latest updates”, communities can configure a RedPhone “emergency hotline” they can publicize for residents to call for updated status and instructions. Thus, the 911 operators are freed to handle inbound calls with critical new information and requests for emergency response.


BellTower’s RedPhone solution for emergency management communication:

  • Increases speed of notification and response, while keeping operators and emergency teams up to date
  • Improves the efficiency of evacuation teams with accurate information on the priority of evacuation groups and who needs assistance in each area
  • Enhances management’s real-time decision making, and enables evacuation teams to make adjustments as new information is updated using our world-leading audit trail for situational analysis during and after the emergency

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