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Customer Overview

BellTower Technologies partners with its clients to streamline their internal and external communication process of daily operations and crisis situations. We help organizations respond faster, more efficiently and with better results. As experts in interactive, fast, mass communications, we’ve developed customizable solutions and best practices that enable our customers to respond to situations quickly and effectively.

Food Service Operators
Our customers include the majority of the top ten food service operator brands in the U.S. Efficient communication to and from thousands of locations worldwide is crucial in this industry. From Class 1 recalls to routing operational communications, BellTower’s Instant Recall solution provides speed and efficiency of communication to clients’ employees, retail consumers, distribution centers and restaurant owner/operator customers. BellTower solutions help our customers:

  • Quickly and reliably communicate recall/withdrawal alerts and instructions, reducing liability to the organization
  • Reduce operational disruption and cost
  • Protect customers and brand value by responding quickly and effectively
  • Provide accurate reporting on disposition of product at each location through interactive compliance directives
  • Produce defensible audit trails, which may include audio recording of all calls

Our customers include the largest food distributor in the U.S., and the largest distributors to our food service operator clients. Product recalls/withdrawals are common occurrences and can have a huge impact on a company’s operational efficiencies. Our customers look to BellTower to help them reduce the cost of recalls/withdrawals and improve their communication and reporting capabilities.
Our solutions help our customers:

  • Improve operational efficiency of recall/withdrawal notification, response and reporting
  • Reduce liability by implementing communication best practices and robust audit trails
  • Turn cost centers into break-even or profit centers by enabling bill-back of recall costs to suppliers

Our customers include the largest U.S. manufacturer of airline meals, and top manufacturers supplying our food service operator clients. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are crucial to a manufacturer’s business. How a company responds to product quality issues or FDA alerts is broadcast through the media at an alarming rate. Therefore, speed and efficiency of communication to internal and external customers can play an important role in maintaining a company’s brand loyalty and sustainability. At BellTower, we help customers:

  • Protect their brands and customers by responding quickly to communicate and manage product recalls/withdrawals
  • Reduce their risk of liability by providing a defensible audit trail of communication, response and compliance throughout the organization
  • Improve operational efficiency, reducing cost and disruption to the organization

Retail Grocers
Retail grocers face a unique challenge with consumers and the media during a Class 1 recall. They must alert not only their stores and distribution centers about recalls/withdrawals, but also alert consumers who may possess tainted product purchased before the recall announcement. Loyalty programs benefit greatly from consumers’ eagerness to provide contact information when it is collected to protect them and their families. Because of the breadth of product carried, and associated frequency of recalls/withdrawals, retail grocers’ ROI using our solutions is immediate and substantial. With our Instant Recall solutions, we help customers:

  • Improve operational efficiencies by providing a single source to deploy and manage recall/withdrawal communication and compliance reporting
  • Protect their brand and customers by quickly pulling product off the shelf when necessary
  • Improve customer loyalty with fast, effective communication about purchased products that should be returned or discarded
  • Reduce disruption and cost to the organization
  • Reduce risk and liability by providing iron-clad audit trails detailing communication, response and compliance

Government and Universities
Protecting lives during a natural disaster, evacuation or other emergency is the main goal of any crisis communication plan. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively at the beginning, during and after an emergency is key. BellTower’s RedPhone solution helps customers:

  • Reach thousands of first responders and citizens alike in minutes, with critical information on the emergency and desired actions to take
  • Limit liability by providing interactive feedback and real-time reporting that helps them identify and send assistance to those in need
  • Improve reporting and audit capabilities during and after an incident
  • Improve efficiencies of emergency response teams by focusing their efforts on handling the emergency, not contacting people

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans detail how an organization will respond during an emergency to protect lives, limit economic loss and prevent inaccurate information being communicated. Organizations that are well prepared can respond quickly and thus, minimize loss and disruption. BellTower’s solutions help organizations:

  • Protect employees, stakeholders and customers by communicating the right message to the right people quickly and efficiently
  • Mitigate loss by contacting and connecting key personnel in real-time
  • Reduce liability with robust data reporting and audit trail details that provide their legal team with a defensible account of corporate responsibility
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