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BellTower Technologies is proud to offer 888-FOODALERT, a consumer food safety notification service. We offer unprecedented free access to a market-leading high-speed notification solution that is reliable and easy to use, and provides timely delivery of select food safety alerts for American consumers and their families.

We are proud to be first in the nation to offer a high-speed notification system for American consumers, enabling them to take preventive action to protect their families’ health and safety as a result of product recall announcements.

888-FOODALERT notification system is powered by Instant Recall, a high-speed, mass notification solution used by many of the nation’s leading food industry companies to ensure timely notification and compliance in the event of major food recalls and safety notifications impacting their food supply chain.

Because of the increasing frequency and severity of food safety alerts, along with the commensurate health and food safety exposures to American families, BellTower Technologies made the unprecedented decision to offer American consumers and their family free access to this commercial technology. Through 888-FOODALERT, BellTower Technologies intends to help prevent food-borne illnesses — and ultimately save lives.

Consumers may register by calling 888-FOODALERT, or online by entering their name, phone number and/or email address on the form provided on this web page. Future plans may include multilingual capabilities as consumer demand for the service dictates.

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