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Business Continuity

Emergency situations can happen at any moment, requiring fast and reliable communication to anywhere in the world and in multiple languages. BellTower Technologies’ RedPhone solution provides high-speed emergency notification and response capabilities for any size organization.


A large food manufacturer has a key distribution center near a highly active earthquake fault line. In the event of a severe earthquake, they need to immediately re-route all trucks to an alternative center.


With BellTower’s RedPhone solution, the company can immediately respond to this crisis by launching an emergency communication campaign to:

  • Alert distribution center employees via phone, text message, and email about the damaged distribution center, instructing them to seek safety and avoid the facility until further notice
  • Notify all truck drivers, directing them to re-route to an alternative distribution center
  • Inform all restaurant locations serviced by the affected distribution center about the new routing of supplies so that they can make contingency plans for late or missed deliveries
  • Activate an inbound hotline for restaurant managers to call for updated information and to report concerns

Later, additional waves of calls can be made to restaurant locations to ask whether they are being affected by late or missed deliveries. Management is able to see in the RedPhone dashboard which locations, if any, are being operationally affected, and proactively provide point solutions.

For reporting up, down and externally (for example, to insurance underwriters), management has access not only to the RedPhone dashboard and exportable data, but also to an extensive audit trail, which includes time-stamped records of all communications and communication attempts, with full audio recording of phone calls.

Employees are freed from the arduous and disruptive task of mass communication, and are able to focus on maintaining business as usual. The emergency communications costs may even be covered by the company’s insurance underwriter.


Automating Business Continuity and Crisis Communication with RedPhone:

  • Minimizes business interruption, while improving employee safety
  • Increases speed of notification and response, while keeping operators and employees up to date
  • Frees employees to make decisions and execute solutions instead of handling voluminous repetitive communications
  • Improves reporting capabilities, giving management and employees information they can act on, when they need it most, AND our world-leading audit trail for situational analysis during and after a crisis situation

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