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About Us

View of downtown Dallas from the BellTower Technologies bell tower.

View of downtown Dallas from our original office’s bell tower.

BellTower Technologies is the leading global provider of food recall and withdrawal communication solutions. Our fast, interactive, mass communication solutions are also used for business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management and a host of routine communications in marketing and merchandising, human resources and others.

We understand that merely communicating your critical messages to the right people is meeting only a portion of your business needs. To be effective, we must successfully engage target contacts, optimize compliance with directives, and provide audit and reporting tools informed by a deep knowledge of your unique industry, operational needs and regulatory environment.

BellTower was founded in 2002 by the same team that created RedAlert.com, a global network monitoring company that serves a majority of Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S.

Our customized solutions save time and money, while reducing risk and liability. For example:

  • Food service operators, manufacturers, retail grocers and distributors can escape the communications burden of product withdrawals and recalls by communicating quickly with distribution centers, retail locations, and consumers minutes after discovering a problem.
  • Merchandising Managers can improve store compliance and ROI of promotional campaigns, ensuring stores have received and implemented new promotions on time.
  • Businesses whose financial health depends on keeping operations going, no matter what crises arise, gain an upper hand in the situation, with nearly instant access to key resources, first responders and employees.
  • Government entities responsible for communicating with their communities can keep them apprised of natural disasters, evacuations, and other situations, and know quickly who needs help.
  • Universities responsible for the safety of thousands of young adults can rest easy knowing their students can be reached and evacuated in case of emergencies.

Our best sales tool is to have you try us alongside your current solution. Call us at (888) 600-4786 and “Take the Challenge” today.

Historically, bell towers kept watch over the community and were rung to send an alarm about a fire. In many towns and cities, bell towers were built on the roof of the fire station so it could be rung easily. In the 1800’s, a new fire alarm system was developed that used telegraph equipment to send a message in Morse code. Bell towers were connected by telegraph wires that allowed a message to be sent from one bell tower to the next alerting the city of a fire. Fire telegraphic alarms represent an early attempt to automate and improve the communication process.

Today, BellTower Technologies is standing watch with state-of-the-art technology to enable communities and businesses to respond immediately with emergency notification communication services. BellTower was originally located in the Uptown area of Dallas, Texas, and officed in a renovated, century-old church building with its own bell tower.